• Being an independent engineering house, INDUS has pioneered several innovations in the automotive industry starting from a “clean sheet of paper” approach without any constraints on material or manufacturing process.
    An illustration of this application development is seen in the SAE paper prepared and presented by INDUS:
    "Head Impact Protection using a Light Weight Composite Tubular Structure". SAE paper 2000-01-0638. Copies of this paper can be obtained from www.sae.org.

  • INDUS has assisted in the “technical marketing” of new technologies developed by Tier1/Tier2 suppliers. Based on INDUS’s expertise, specialized testing protocols and analysis methodologies are deployed to compare/contrast the new technology with competing technologies and highlight the differentiating elements. Also, in collaboration with the suppliers, technical articles and papers showcasing such studies are prepared and presented in industry forums such as the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

  • INDUS's principal engineer has also been involved in several advanced research effort funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the areas of:
  • Advanced Integrated Safety Seat
  • Pick-up Truck/SUV Rollover Crashworthiness
  • Frontal Crash Dummy Development
  • Heavy Truck to Car Aggresivity Mitigation in Frontal Crash.

  • For further details please see www.nhtsa.gov
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