Founded in 1998, INDUS is a structural product engineering and innovation company serving the needs of the North American automotive, defense and structural products industries. From concept to production, INDUS has demonstrated expertise and a successful track record in providing product design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) and validation support. Typical automotive applications developed include bumpers, knee bolsters, interior upper trim, instrument panel trim, instrument panel cross-car beams, body structures (BIW), door structures, vehicle frames, seating structures, consoles, steering columns, steering wheels, and load floors. Starting with a prestigious SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) award from the US Army in 2015 after an intense competition, INDUS has developed energy absorbing seats to protect soldiers in army combat vehicles as well as passive counter measures to prevent ejection of soldiers under severe mine blast conditions.

Early in the product development cycle, INDUS can provide light-weight and low-cost design concepts that have the potential to meet multiple performance requirements. Further along in the product development cycle, INDUS can provide critical engineering change recommendations to meet product performance requirements, based on several years of focused experience coupled with rigorous analysis of a design using proven CAE tools for Crashworthiness/Safety, Vibration, Durability and Optimization.

INDUS has come up with several innovations in automotive safety products (such as LATTICELL™ portfolio of Energy Absorbers for Knee Bolsters in Instrument Panels, Armrest & Pelvic Energy Absorbers in Doors and Pedestrian Leg Protection Energy Absorbers in Bumpers) and many of these are successfully in production today. More recently, INDUS has come up with the LISA (Lightweight Integrated Structures for Automobiles) portfolio of industry-leading lightweight products including the Instrument Panel Cross-Car Beam (LISA-BEAM™).



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