LATTICELL™ Knee Bolster Energy Absorber
A Quantum Leap in Occupant Protection Technology

LATTICELL Technology:

INDUS has launched an innovative knee bolster energy
absorber (EA) using its LATTICELL Energy Absorber Technology. The product derives its name from “Lattice
of Cells” and is patent protected by INDUS. Two LATTICELL EA units, in conjunction with a custom designed reaction plate, provide a quantum leap in
vehicle driver protection. Similarly, two LATTICELL EA units, in conjunction with a custom designed glove box door, provide a substantial improvement in front passenger protection.

LATTICELL EA technology can be realized in many ways. One method utilizes aluminum extrusions made of a specially heat-treated aluminum alloy with “open cell”
type openings and with multiple cells arranged strategically. Openings on the curved walls of the cells allow for crush initiation to occur at the most suitable locations and at the correct timings. The cell boundary elements plastically deform and efficiently absorb the energy during knee impacts in a frontal and front-angular crash. The one-piece extrusion weighs about half a pound.

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