LATTICELL EA technology is available in aluminum and steel. The resulting structure has the following advantages:
  • Increased Range of Occupant Protection - From 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male.
  • Less Sensitive to Impact Location & Impact Angle - By construction, energy is managed without uncontrolled collapse.
  • Excellent Design Tunability - 75-125 independent design combinations.
  • Minimal Crush Space Requirement - Highly efficient “Square Wave” type energy absorption curve.
  • Light Weight Design - As low as 0.4 lbs per unit.
  • Low Piece Cost - Proven, high volume manufacturing processes are utilized.
  • Short Lead Time for Tooling - Functional Prototypes in 4 to 6 weeks; Production Parts in 10 weeks.
  • Easy Adaptability - Could be used with various IP beam structures such as steel, magnesium or plastic/composite.
  • Parts Commonization - Design allows primary tooling to be used across several platforms.
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